“They don’t make them like they used to” – Apparently this saying is also being used more and more frequently regarding escorts. Modern day escort girls are said to be so much different to the ladies who were around and working in the industry 10 – 20 years ago, and not in a way that makes these modern-day girls superior. Despite the world in every aspect being said to get better and better, apparently this is not the case for the adult and escort industry. 

But, why is this? And what are the problems with modern day escort girls from a client’s perspective? 

1) Modern day girls do not seem to care so much about personal hygiene and appearance – Fact! Once upon a time, girls were expected to look and act like women. However, nowadays, it is perfectly normal for girls to go out without make-up, skip a shower and / or walk about the house (and even the supermarket!) in their pyjamas. This equated to girls now thinking it is acceptable to turn up to appointments with clients, in tracksuits looking like they have just jumped out of bed. Although, the girls who worked in the adult industry not too long ago were brought up in a very different time, which made them always ensure they looked their very best for clients. This is one of the biggest problems with modern day escorts – They are rather skanky! 

2) This problem with modern day girls can also be traced back to how each generation of women has been brought up. Those girls in the escort industry 10 / 20 years back were brought up to be feminine and generally more submissive. The earlier generation of escorts find pleasing their partners to be something that comes naturally. Whereas modern day escorts are brought up in a world where they feel independent and like they can do whatever they want – No rules for anybody anymore! Therefore, this equates to the problem with modern day escorts being that they just do not care! They have no desire to make you happy only to take your money and nothing else. 

All in all, this has certainly made for a decrease in client’s satisfaction and in the level of escort you can find within this modern day. Clients very often report that over the years there has been a real decrease in the quality of escort girl, and they blame society for this, because women these days think it’s acceptable to act and look so tasteless and disgusting.